What Is The Purpose Of Accounting

What Is The Purpose Of Accounting

Accounting, bookkeeping, tax planning, business setup; these are complex areas. And, for some organizations, they can be extremely challenging especially if you have a larger company or several employees. You do not have to manage this in house, however. You can rely on the best team, and trust our CPAs at lavicpa.com to do the work for you instead. In addition to understanding local state, and federal tax issues, we also know what is required when it comes to filing, or what we have to show when the time comes to go to an audit battle with the IRS or other state entities.

All services in one place

Our team at lavicpa.com can assist your business with any and all of the accounting services you might need. Some of the ways we can help your company includes

  • Tax filing
  • Help with an audit
  • We work with bookkeeping and will manage your debits and credits
  • We do accounting work, and help with balancing your expenditures to ensure the greatest ROI is achieved by your business
  • We can help with financial planning, if you require advice on spending, or need guidance in spending, we have a team in place to help your business

Not every company is in need of the same services. In fact, you may be a sole proprietor and just need us to help you with tax planning and filing. If this is the case, we can help. If, on the other hand, you’re a huge company with thousands of employees, we can also work with you and help you with all phases of the financial and accounting aspects you need our team to handle for your business.


We have a stellar reputation for our services and we offer only the best to our clients. So, no matter what kind of guidance, advice, or tax planning help you may require, we are here to guide you through the process. Or, if you have a few questions, our team is here to answer them and walk you through the process, when you are trying to decide what services your company might require.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us today online at lavicpa.com. We are here for your business, we can help with all of your financial questions, concerns, or inquiries, and we will guide you through all phases of financial and accounting services, when you hire our team for the job.