What Is The Point Of Minimum Advertised Price

What Is The Point Of Minimum Advertised Price

As an online retailer, your brand image as well as your bottom line can be affected and unfortunately damaged by dealers and resellers. Unauthorized resellers are often the greatest concern, but even authorized dealers and resellers must be monitored. If you are not actively monitoring and managing dealers and resellers while also providing them with specific policies and requirements, your company could be placed in unnecessary jeopardy. MAP monitoring services are essential for your company’s overall success and profitability. After learning why you need professional services, you can click here for MAP monitoring services that are customized specifically to meet your business’s needs.

How MAP Violations Hurt Your Business

Numerous dealers and resellers may be selling your products on your behalf, and some of these do so without your knowledge. In an effort to garner more business, the unauthorized resellers may undercut the minimum price that you need to maintain viability and that you have mandated. This violation of your minimum authorized price hurts your business directly and hurts your authorized resellers who are complying with established rules. In some cases, unauthorized resellers may be selling knock-offs that have lower quality. This directly and negatively impacts your brand image, and it creates unnecessary strain on authorized sellers. You must be aware of minimum authorized price, or MAP, violations so that you can take appropriate steps as soon as possible. However, monitoring all sales of legitimate products and knockoffs can be difficult. This is where MAP monitoring services come into the picture.

Why You Need to Take a Customized Approach

There are numerous template or generic MAP monitoring tools that you can use, but the best strategy is to take a customized approach that is specifically designed for your business. One of many reasons for this is because the specific type of products that you sell may be listed on different platforms than other types of products may be listed on. Each business faces unique MAP compliance issues. Templates are designed to target some of the more common violations, but you need to take a customized approach that covers all of the bases.

What to Look for in MAP Monitoring Services

Basic MAP monitoring services will identify some violations, and their services end there. The MAP monitoring services that you should look for will provide comprehensive services to identify violations and to help you end those violations right away. Look for services that scour prices for your products as well as product reviews, product description variations and other discrepancies across the Internet. The top services available create “do not sell” lists automatically and also automate violation notices. This saves you time and energy while also protecting your brand, your authorized sellers and your bottom line.

If you are not actively using MAP monitoring services or if you are currently using basic templates, now is the time to learn about comprehensive solutions for dealing with violations. To inquire about innovative and effective solutions, click here for MAP monitoring services that deliver results. , as well as your bottom line,