The Basics of Pre-Employment Screenings

The Basics of Pre-Employment Screenings

At a time when the job market is more competitive than ever, finding the perfect fit for your company can be difficult. There may be a lot of applicants, but this doesn’t mean that they are all necessarily qualified. After all, in the digital age, exaggerating your capabilities or minimizing your shortcomings is easier than ever. So, how can you conduct pre-employment screenings that will yield the best possible applicants for your business?

Ensuring Your Job Posting Is Specific Enough

This tip cannot be understated. If you are too broad with your job description, you will undoubtedly get far too many unqualified applicants. To avoid this, make sure to include specific skills that only someone with that area of expertise would have. Not only will this save you time sorting through resumes, but it also can lead to interviewing some of the best possible candidates.

Run A Background Check

Conducting a background check on an employee is a great way to ensure that no one with a criminal history will be employed by your company. This is especially important in jobs that may involve working frequently around children, the elderly, or around high-value products. Conducting a background check on an employee may also yield some positive results as well. Because so much information is now available online through the use of social media, positive experiences, such as previous projects or volunteering may be also uncovered which could bolster their likelihood to be hired.

Holding An In-Person Interview

While technology makes connecting with people over the phone or through a video chat easier than ever, there is still something to be said about conducting in-person interviews. One of the main reasons to do this is that it quickly shows you how serious the applicants are about applying for the position. Additionally, it gives you a great opportunity to see how the applicant would interact in the work environment.

Checking With References

One of the quickest ways to figure out how someone will act and what kind of work ethic they will have once they join your team is to speak with former employers and other references. Because former employers have interacted with them on a daily basis, likely for years, they will be the best authority on their abilities. Take note of any employers who have negative things to say about the potential hire but also be sure to allow the applicant to defend themselves as every story has at least two points of view. Additionally, you can learn about many of the great strengths that the applicant may have which may make you more likely to hire them.

At the end of the day, there is no exact science to hiring someone for an open position. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to only select from qualified candidates once you have narrowed down your list to finalists. By properly screening potential employees, your odds of making a great hire are greatly increased.