Getting Root Canal Treatments

Getting Root Canal Treatments

Many people dread going to the dentist. They may think that brushing their teeth is enough to sustain good dental health. Although brushing your teeth regularly is a huge help, there are certain spots wherein your toothbrush can’t reach. And even after brushing, there are still plaques that tend to remain. This may cause plaque build-up, resulting in gum disease and further dental infections.

There are several other ways needed to maintain good oral and dental health. It is more than just brushing or flossing your teeth. To achieve good oral and dental health, it’s best to visit your dentist regularly. Ensure that your teeth and gums are clean, free from bacteria, and are healthy enough. If you constantly push aside your dentist appointments, you may never know whether you have infections developing in your teeth or gums. The longer it takes for you to treat it, the worse it gets. As a result, you may find it painful to chew your food, gums end up swollen, teeth end up sensitive to hot or cold foods, cracked teeth, etc. These symptoms are usually caused by root canal infections. People that experience this may end up losing their teeth if not treated as soon as possible. This usually occurs when they are unaware of the severity of the situation since they avoid consulting their dentist.

To prevent this from happening, book an appointment with your dentist. You will then be offered root canal treatments to treat the infected root canal and save your natural tooth.

Root Canal Procedure:

1 . X-ray teeth

2 . Given local anesthetic to numb teeth and gums.

3 . Top of the tooth is opened.

4 . Infected pulp is removed.

5 . Clean and disinfect the root canal.

5 . Temporary filling is placed to seal the opening of the tooth.

6 . Return for follow up.

7 . Temporary filling is removed.

8 . Root canal is filled with special gutta-percha, a rubber-like material to seal it and keep the tooth functional.

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Our oral and dental health can impact our overall health. Not many people realize the negative effects it can bring us when neglected. It impacts more than just our smile. It impacts the quality of our life.