What Makes SMS Such A Powerful Marketing Medium?

What Makes SMS Such A Powerful Marketing Medium?

There are many benefits of using SMS marketing service to promote a business. It’s a great choice for businesses looking to reach more customers. When starting a business, you have limited choices and resources. You, therefore, need to pull out all sales while balancing the sales plan and marketing strategies. Find a healthy balance is a real problem. This is where Textedly SMS marketing service comes in. It’s a gateway to boost your customer base and grow your business to higher levels. 

Below are the many benefits of using SMS marketing strategy.

Increased customer engagement 

Many people think SMS texts are only ideal for sending voucher codes or used as reminders. The truth is that texts do wonders in engaging potential customers more than other marketing strategies. The key here is to send an SMS on the right time to the right target audience. Offering clients with engaging media content, for instance, modified selections and games will create a difference. Quality SMS will also help boost brand awareness to greater levels. 

SMS is more consistent

How many times do you create a good email only to end up in the spam folder? Even when you have done the right thing, there are low chances of avoiding the spam folder. This explains why SMS marketing can be more reliable in engaging customers. 

Higher Open Rate 

Unlike emails, SMS texts have higher open rates reaching up to 90%. This means customers are likely to read the messages once they receive them. This makes it a better open rate as compared to other marketing choices. It’s easy for a customer to ignore messages in an email since most rarely open their email accounts. However, SMS marketing will never go ignored by the popularity of texting and phones. 


It requires only a few cents to message a potential customer. Its, even more, cost-effective when sending to a large group of customers. Unlike other marketing strategies, SMS marketing is economical, especially for starting businesses. 

Easy to compete with the best

SMS marketing requires words in its campaign strategy. You don’t require expensive designs or extravagant animations to market. The choice of your words will tell it all and this offers an even ground for marketing campaigns. 

Direct Opt-In and Opt-Out

This has been aided by the advent of shortcodes. You can now opt in or out of the service with immediate effect. This kind of simplicity leaves your customers more contented always. 

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